Twin towers built in Bautzen

At the end of the Middle Ages, a time when Columbus was on his way to find the West Way to India, two gates of the city wall of the tower city were reinforced with towers. In this way, the Reichenturm and the Wendische Turm on the eastern side of the city of Bautzen were built at the same time.

Reichenturm am Kornmarkt vom Museum Bautzen

Reichenturm receives baroque extension with city coat of arms

After destruction by war and fire, the Reichenturm had to be built again and again as a protective tower for the ” Lane of the Rich “. It was given its present appearance after the great fire of 1709, when two thirds of the town were destroyed. At that time, Budissin, as it was then still called, was under the feudal rule of the Saxon Elector Friedrich August I. This resulted in the additional baroque tower with the coats of arms of the town and electorate during the reconstruction of the imperial tower.

Reichenturm am Wendischen Graben vom Finanzamt

Reichenturm is “Leaning Tower of Bautzen”.

Soon afterwards, in 1747, the first signs of inclination were observed. It was not until 1953 that the increasing inclination was put an end to by fortification work. At 1.44m above the Lot, the Reichenturm is also known as the’Slate Tower of Bautzen’. In 1837 the gate belonging to the tower was demolished. The Reichentor with its four Gothic arches and the round wall was largely destroyed, with the inner arch on the tower remaining as a round arch until 1968. The eastern side of the tower is decorated with a relief of the Roman Emperor and Bohemian King Rudolf II.

Reichenturm hinter dem Wendischen Turm

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