Schülerturm was erected 200 years later than Schülertor

The two-port entrance to the pupil’s gate is 200 years older than the pupil’s tower (Schülerturm) built around 1500. The tower secured access to the city of the towers from the’via Regia’, the leading trade route on the east-west axis of Europe. The side facing out of town is still adorned by a sandstone relief made around 1400.

Schülerturm vor dem Schülertor

Monastery students are the namesakes of the Schülerturm

From the barely available information it can be inferred that every half hour a trading wagon passed the street. Two drawbridges ensured that above all the coveted grain could be transported through the gate under the pupils’ tower (Schülerturm) into the city. As a result, the grain scale was also erected behind the tower. The names of the pupil’s gate and the pupil’s tower were derived from the nearby residence of the monastery pupils.

Schülerturm vom Wendischen Graben

Rondell with defensive passage at the pupils’ tower destroyed

During a thunderstorm, a lightning strike destroyed the lower roof. In the course of repair work in 1833, the tower was given its current striking shape. In 1840, the round tower was demolished with a second gate and covered battlements. The tower will be opened to the public today at certain events in the city of towers Bautzen.

Bautzen-Gerberbastei mit Dom St. Petri und Nicolaiturm vom Schützenplatz

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