“Lead moderate and honorable change!
Busily do your business and trade!
You use it to nurture your wife and child,
“you will obtain your body and soul.”

Hans Sachs

Nicolaiturm – latest tower of the city defence

The Nicolai Tower (Nicolaiturm), the last tower of the city fortifications, was completed in 1522. It overlooks the northern gate of the town and, together with the fortified church of St. Nicolai, protected one of the most important trade routes of that time, the ´via Regia’. The access to the Nicolai Tower (Nicolaiturm) was so steep that it could only be used by the foot soldiers.

Nicolaiturm mit Nicolaifriedhof und Dom St. Petri vom Schützenplatz

Mythical stories about the Nicolaiturm

The upper part of the Nicolai Tower (Nicolaiturm) is decorated with a medieval coat of arms carved in sandstone. The Nicolai Portal was built long before the tower and dates back to Gothic times. In the keystone of the Nicolaitore was carved the representation of a head, which presumably represents Saint Nicolas. One legend tells another, a bloody story!

Nicolaiturm und Nicaolaipforte von der Gerberbastei

The Nicolaiturm and viaRegia in Bautzen’s surrounding area

Until today the original form of access to the city has been preserved; only that the path is no longer so steep. Since 2011 the permanent exhibition “Die via Regia im Bautzener Land” is located in the tower. On six levels the exhibition informs about the old trade route and its importance for the city of towers Bautzen.

Bautzen-Gerberbastei mit Dom St. Petri und Nicolaiturm vom Schützenplatz

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