Mühltor – tower or portal?

As the term mill gate (Mühltor) already reveals, it is more a gate than a tower. But we affectionately call it the smallest tower of Bautzen. The little tower was built in the course of the active building activity of the Wendischer Kirchhof around the year 1500.

Mühltor am Eselsberg

Small tower of high significance

With the strategic positioning of the mill gate (Mühltor) on the Eselsberg, it secured access to the tower city from the west. The little tower was directly involved in the defence strategy of Alte Wasserkunst and Michaeliskirche. The fact that the entrance of the citizens wanted to enter the donkey path here gave the Mühltor the nickname “donkey gate”. A gatekeeper served here until 1835.

Mühltor und Alte Wasserkunst

Mühltor today

Today, the tower is made available by the city to the Old Town Association of the Towers City as a domicile. Thus the small building, resting on granite columns and covered with hand crafted bricks, can present an interesting historical exhibition and is available for meetings.

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